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Jimmy Jane Evoke Rolo

Jimmy Jane Evoke Rolo

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SKU: MUJI10102

Jimmy Jane Evoke Rolo
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Jimmyjane Evoke Rol-o Black vibrating massage wheel. The rol-o features a powerful, rumbling vibrator inside its round, silicone wheel for massaging across the contours of the body. The silicone EZ Grip Handle and bulbous wheel makes it easy to maneuver rol-o in different motions when targeting a specific muscle or body part. The surface area of rol-o features small silicone nubs, for added texture that stimulate the epidermis during massage, while the powerful vibrations awaken the nerves deeper in the body for powerful muscle relief. Work out your kinks! Jimmyjane evoke vibrating massage wheels are the first ever massagers to combine rolling massage wheels with deep, rumbling vibration. The smooth, silicone wheels easily roll across the contours of the body to relax and invigorate the muscles, while the powerful vibration stimulates the nerves to increase circulation and reduce stress. Unlike other massagers, the revolutionary wheel design makes it easy to move and roll the massager across the body hitting every pressure point. With minimal pressure, evoke turns even the novice to a master masseuse! The EZ grip handle makes it easy to relieve stress in those hard to reach areas. Use them alone or with a partner for the perfect DIY massage treatment at home. Choose your sensation! Features EZ grip handle: ergonomically designed Silicone handle. Features and function rechargeable, multispeed, vibrates. Battery information rechargeable Lithium battery included. Materials Silicone, Stainless Steel. Size 2.25 inches by 4.75 inches by 2.25 inches. Video


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