We all get tied up: in traffic, on the phone, or waiting in a long line. The only place we like to be tied up is in the bedroom! Whether you are a seasoned shibari artist or just picked up 50 Shades of Grey for the first time, when it’s time to pick out a new restraint for your partner, the options are overwhelming. Taboo Video has a carefully curated collection of restraints for every appetite, from the shrinking violet ready to bloom to the obedient sub who wears a collar every day.

You are: Just Trying It Out

Our fave: Ouch! Beginner's Furry Handcuffs

With just enough fuzzy softness to keep your skin comfortable while your wrists are restrained, Ouch! Beginner’s Furry Handcuffs are a great starter toy for the couple just dipping their toes in the water of sex restraints. These cuffs come with keys, but feature a quick-release button in case they get lost.

You are: Definitely Into It

Our fave: Fetish Fantasy Gold Collar & Leash

When you and your lover have tried a few toys and are ready to take the next step in restraints, pamper your pet with the Fetish Fantasy Gold Collar & Leash. The plush liner and gold tone chain make this collar a comfortable yet classy addition to your collection while providing a restraint that keeps your tiger in check.

You are: Ready to Invest

Our fave: Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Bed Restraint Kit

The Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Bed Restraint Kit is the perfect set when full-body restraint is your goal. This set includes four cuffs—two for your ankles and two for your wrists—allowing complete restraint and control. Four straps attached to an O-ring connect the sturdy Velcro cuffs, and the included instruction guide makes it easy to turn your bed, chair, sofa, desk (you name it!) into a kink playground. A silver satin blindfold tops off the effect, keeping your partner wriggling in anticipation.

(Bonus! Add Christian Grey's Silver Tie for your own homemade remake.)

You are: Serious Business

Our fave: Fetish Fantasy Japanese Silk Rope

If you’re looking for more variety in what body parts can be restrained, try Fetish Fantasy Japanese Silk Rope. This smooth, silk rope is 35 feet long, allowing plenty of room for multiple wraps and knots around your partner’s thighs, breasts, or anywhere you fancy. Available in red, black, purple, and pink. Pick your favorite!

You are: Extremely Excited

Our fave: Fetish Fantasy Spread 'Em Bar & Cuff Set

Beginners beware. The Fetish Fantasy Spread 'Em Bar & Cuff Set is for the most daring of kinksters. Two metal bars with attached, adjustable cuffs keep your lover’s wrists and ankles spread open wide, no matter how hard they pull or push. A nylon strap connects the bars to keep your pouty plaything in place, but you can remove the strap as needed to change positions.

No matter your bedroom style, make sure to communicate with your sexual partner before engaging in restraint kink. Get consent. Set a safeword. Do it right.