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Whether you’re new to the vibrating bullet game or have a bandolier of buzzing bullets at your disposal, Taboo Video always carries an enviable selection of bullets. You’re sure to find a new little friend you’ll love.

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Chances are you know a woman or three who owns a sex toy and isn’t shy about it. Vibrators and other sex toys are just as likely a topic of conversation among ladies as is what they had for dinner last night, if my own life and Sex and the City have any say in the matter. We even give them cute names, like B.O.B. (short for Battery-Operated Boyfriend). I know a woman who named her beloved giant rosy vibrator “Big Pink” in honor of the building of the same nickname in Portland, Oregon.

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There are few things more frustrating than having an opportunity for sexy fun spoiled by not having protection ready. Keeping a few condoms in your pocket or purse is a smart way to be prepared for any fun that may come your way. With so many varieties available, it can be difficult to choose! Taboo has everything you need to keep yourself and your partner safer from risk of STIs and unwanted pregnancy. Here are our five favorites.

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We all get tied up: in traffic, on the phone, or waiting in a long line. The only place we like to be tied up is in the bedroom! Whether you are a seasoned shibari artist or just picked up 50 Shades of Grey for the first time, when it’s time to pick out a new restraint for your partner, the options are overwhelming. Taboo Video has a carefully curated collection of restraints for every appetite, from the shrinking violet ready to bloom to the obedient sub who wears a collar every day.

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As one of our most popular sex toys for men, prostate stimulators can quench your craving for anal pleasure. If you haven’t ever tried one, or are new to the booty-bangin’ game, you probably have a lot of questions. No worries! Taboo Video is here to answer them all!

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Maybe you’ve been to an adult toy store once or twice and have seen signs for an adult arcade. Maybe you’ve never set foot in an adult store and are looking for an adventurous way to expand your sexual experience. Either way, you’re curious and are considering giving an adult arcade a go. But how do you try an adult arcade when you’re not sure what to do? What even goes on in an adult arcade? No need to worry or shy away, let’s walk you through all things adult arcade!

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Taboo Video Ice Cream Social is THIS FRIDAY (2/10/2017)

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